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AGUA invites you and your neighborhood association, church, civic group, or environmental organization to join with us in protecting the sole source of drinking water for 1.6 million people.

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AGUA depends on caring and active citizens to support its Edwards Aquifer protection programs. Volunteering is a great way to contribute your talent and time to the effort, as well as meet other citizens working to protect our drinking water.

We welcome college interns and students in need of community service hours. Listed below are a few of our many volunteer opportunities. If you have an idea for a special project or effort you would like to pursue, please let us know.

To volunteer, send a message to:

In the Field:

  • attending public hearings, City Council meetings, and meetings of civic groups
  • tabling at community events throughout the year
  • showing our power point presentation to neighborhood associations and civic groups
  • helping set up events and fundraisers
  • serving as a liaison to other neighborhood and civic groups

In our Office:

  • preparing letters and mailouts
  • data entry
  • calling other members and volunteers
  • errands

Research and Communications:

  • investigate aquifer water quality and contamination
  • research development projects and potential endangered species impacts
  • track pending actions by Edwards Aquifer Authority, City Council, Zoning and Planning Commissions, and Texas Legislature.
  • expand our website with lists, images and short natural histories of species living in the Edwards Aquifer Ecosystem
  • assist economic and market research on conservation development
  • assist creation of school curriculum materials on how to protect the Edwards Aquifer