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Council rezones recharge zone land at 73% impervious

October 18, 2007

City Council unanimously approved a rezoning that will bring intense, high-impervious commercial development to land near Loop 1604 and Hausman Road. Council voted to allow C-3 commercial development at 73% impervious cover on 15 acres of land over the aquifer recharge zone.

Please contact City Council if you'd like to express your disappointment on the rezoning, because high levels of impervious cover on the recharge zone pollute our water.

Case details:

  • The property was previously zoned residential, limiting impervious cover to 30%.
  • The applicant in this case is using 4.7 acres of floodplain (which cannot be developed) as an impervious cover credit in order to construct approximately 75% impervious cover. This practice puts our water in danger of contamination. The Water Quality Ordinance was intended to protect land that was going to be developed, not land that cannot be developed.
  • Now, 20 more Recharge Zone acres will be built out at C-3 Commercial (the most intense commercial zone).
  • Science tells us that degradation of water resources begins at impervious cover levels sometimes as low as 10%. 75% impervious cover is dangerous and unnecessary. Let's encourage more responsible development in San Antonio

We didn't get this one, but we must persevere!  Our efforts have resulted in some victories where we have successfully helped lower the impact of a development on the Edwards Aquifer. Thank you to all who spoke out.  We could not do this without your help!