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City protects 89 acres over the Aquifer
October 16, 2008


The San Antonio City Council today approved the acquisition of a conservation easement on 83 acres of land located in the Edwards Contributing and Recharge Zones (see map). It is one of the few remaining undeveloped properties in the Stone Oak area, and it directly abuts Camp Bullis, providing a much-needed partial buffer.

This property was targeted by the City for conservation because it contains several recharge features and because of its location in a highly developed area. The landowner generously offered the land to the City at very low cost.

Please take a moment to thank your City Council member for voting to protect the Aquifer by preserving this property. Contact information is below.

Talking Points

  • Conservation easements are one of several tools available to the City to protect the Edwards Aquifer.
  • AGUA supports the City’s continued effort to locate conservation property in Bexar County in addition to counties to our west because l and here is most likely to be developed.
  • Our population is growing, so more than ever we need a comprehensive plan to protect the Aquifer that includes low intensity land uses over the Aquifer, low amount of impervious cover, and the establishment of conservation easements.

Thank you!

Elyzabeth Earnley
Technical Research Director
Aquifer Guardians In Urban Areas

San Antonio City Council Members
Last name
First name
Cisneros Mary Alice district1@sanantonio.gov 207-7279
McNeil Sheila district2@sanantonio.gov 207-7278
Ramos Jennifer district3@sanantonio.gov 207-7064
Cortez Philip district4@sanantonio.gov 207-7281
Galvan Lourdes district5@sanantonio.gov 207-7043
Herrera Delicia district6@sanantonio.gov 207-7065
Rodriguez Justin district7@sanantonio.gov 207-7044
Cibrian Diane district8@sanantonio.gov 207-7086
Rowe Louis district9@sanantonio.gov 207-7325
Clamp John district10@sanantonio.gov 207-7276
Hardberger Phil phardberger@sanantonio.gov 207-7060